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Related post: Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 17:58:45 -0700 (PDT) From: Randy Howard Subject: The Reluctant Witness/ Incest/ Chapter FourReluctant WitnessByRandy HowardChapter FourThis is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his son, one teen and another teen. Initial sex is consensual. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading. Also if 13years old teen porno you are under eighteen 14 years sex mpg or if this is illegal for where you live, then leave now, if not read on.Previously in chapter three:As the warm water cascaded down over the two lovers, they kissed, unaware that the phone was ringing. It was the state police office calling, telling them that Mitchell was on the way over to pick up Evan to take him back to South Burlington. Instead, the two lovers were to busy making love again, to busy to hear that their lives were about to change.Outside Jim's apartment, Dan waits in the car while Mitch walks up the stairs to Jim's apartment. He releases the safety on his gun just in case he needs to use it. Ringing the doorbell, he places the gun in the top of his pants and waits. When he gets no answer, he tries the door, it opens and he walks in with his drawn gun in hand. Hearing voices coming from the bathroom, Mitch carefully and quietly walks towards where they are coming from, his gun leading the way. He steps just before the doorway to the bedroom, the floor squeaks, he pauses before moving 14 year xxx on. At the door to the bathroom, he listens and then raises his leg, foot ready and kicks the door open...BAM! BAM! BAM!Now chapter four:Jim stood there holding his gun, while Mitch lay dead on the floor. It was the squeaking of the floor board that alerted Jim hentai 15-year-old that someone was in his apartment. He always had his service revolver at hand, so he was ready when the door burst open."Evan are you all right," Jim asked, as Evan exited from the linen closet."I'm fine Jim, but are you all right," a concerned Evan asked."Yeah...he missed but I got two rounds into him and I'm sure that he's dead," Jim said, gun still aimed at Mitch as Jim kicked Mitch's gun away and knelt down, feeling for a pulse. "Yep...he's dead," Jim said, "You'd better get dress quickly," he advised, as the sound of peeling tires alerted Jim that someone was hurriedly driving away.Jim slipped on some jeans and a tee shirt before grabbing his phone. He made a quick call to the station, where he told them what happened with Mitchell and they informed him that Dan had escaped. He was also told that Mike had been killed, and that Dan had to have had an accomplice. It was then that Jim and the captain decided that Mitch was the one that had killed Mike and set Dan free."Let 16 years adult fuck me call the South Burlington police and see what is going on," the captain said. "In the meantime Jim, I want you and Evan to stay put until our men get there. Are you armed, is anyone hurt?" he asked."No captain, we're both fine and I have my service piece and plenty of ammo," Jim advised him."Our men are on the way Jim, now hold tight until they get there," he said and hung up.***Evan entered the room fully dressed, disappointed at how his romantic evening had ended. In the distance, he could hear the sound of sirens and he turned to Jim."Before the others get here Jim, I wanna thank you for a wonderful evening," Evan said, wrapping his arms around the cop and planting a hard kiss on his mouth.Jim kissed him back, holding him tight, and their tongues dancing fervently within each other's mouths. That was how they were seen, when Private Jon Parker came through the door."Oh...excuse me sir," Jon said, blushing as the two 12 years nude teens separated quickly. "The others will be here shortly Jim," Jon said."Come in Jon and close the door," Jim said.Jon closed the door behind him and Evan looked scared, not for him, but for Jim as the young trooper entered the apartment."Evan, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Jon Parker, Jon, this is Evan Chambers," Jim said."It's a pleasure to meet you Evan...are you alright Jim?" a worried Jon asked. "I was on my way over here, when I heard over the radio 75 years ould pyssy about the shooting. So I hurried as fast as I could sweetheart," he said taking his lover into his arms.He looked down at the body of Mitch in the bedroom and froze; it was then that reality hit him sixteen year porno how close Jim and Evan came to being killed. "That could have been the two of you lying there," Jon said looking from Jim to Evan and then back to Jim."It was that squeaky floor board that you hate so much babe, that alerted me to Mitch being in the topless 13-16 years apartment," Jim told him."I'm never going to complain about that floor again," he said smiling.The other police arrived several minutes later, along with the county coroner. And in just under an hour they had the scene processed and Mitch's body removed. Jon was ordered to stay guard at the apartment until morning, along with another trooper outside in an unmarked cruiser."Well this 16years girls nude pics is going to be a nude 12 year kds bit awkward," Jon said looking at 14 year tits pics Jim and Evan."I could sleep with the two of you," Evan said, smiling and looking at the two of them, hoping."That is your choice if you do it or not. But we don't mind, do we babe," Jim asked Jon, remembering the fuck that Evan gave him earlier."I don't mind if Evan doesn't," Jon said as he takes Evan into his arms and he kisses him lightly on the lips. He pushes his tongue to touch Evan's lips; Evan college cost by year parts his lips and invites it in. Their tongues fight for dominance with Evan yielding to Jon, as Evan gives a sigh of delight. Jon turns Evan to Jim and there lips meet as they kiss and Evan's passion builds.They break their kiss and stand back, and the men start to undress Evan. The moonlight hits his body, and it highlights his muscles and curves. His hair is aglow with the light as it shimmers and his eyes sparkle fuck 13years girl as they reflect the moon's light. They lead him to the bed and they lay him down, with each taking a side of him.They gently caress his nipples, softly biting and sucking on them. He moans out in pleasure, as Jim kisses him, their tongues searching each other's mouth. Jon takes Evan's cock, puts it in his mouth and sucks around the head, as Evan lifts his ass 16years old teen sex up to give him more. Jon runs his tongue around the base of the head, and then slowly moves down the cock. He swallows Evan's cock until he has none left to take, smelling the boy's scent and drinking it in, while Jim sucks the boy's balls, one at a time, gently rolling them around in his mouth. Evan's head rolled left to right, as his passion grew great, his hands gripping Jon's head. Jim lifted Evan's legs and he buried his tongue deep into Evan's tender rosebud, where 14-year-old boys free porno just a few hours previous, his cock had been 16 yearspussy buried in the most glorious fuck that he'd ever had."Fuck guys," Evan cried out, his passion too much, as Jim continued to fuck him with his tongue.Jon could sense 11 year old incest that Evan was very close, so he pulled off his cock and moved to Evan's lips and kissed him, while Jim inserted a finger in Evan. He moaned in his pleasure as Jon sucked on his tongue, and Jim put another finger in. Evan was now thrashing about in ecstasy, as Jim prepared his ass. Jim sat up, grabbed the lube and applied it to Evan's rosebud."Are you sure you 15 years sex pics want this," Jon whispered to Evan, as Jim makes ready to enter Evan's treasure."Yes, I need Jim inside me." Evan said, remembering the man's huge cock and the fucking that he had given him earlier.Jim positioned himself and starts to push in, but with his ass having already been fucked earlier by anal 15 years Jim, Jim's cock slides completely in balls deep."Oh fuck that feels great... don't move Jim, let me enjoy the fullness of your cock inside me," Evan tells him.When Evan finally nods to go, Jim starts out slow, searching out a rhythm, wanting this fuck session to last. Evan's eye's roll back into his head, and he lets out a comforting sigh, as extreme pleasure free 12 years porno courses through his young body. Jim increases his pace, fucking with longer, more aggressive strokes, but also careful not to cause too much pain. Evan meets Jim's thrust, so Jim finds a rhythm to his fucking, and soon fucking him with a faster pace, with Evan is meeting his every thrust as aggressively as Jim. 13-year-olds fucking boys Jon takes Evan's cock into his mouth, and swallows it deep down into his throat. Evan is now moaning and thrashing about, as his passion, and Jim's cock, brings him close."I'm cumming Jon, fuck me harder and faster Jim," he cries out, as he shoots his cum deep into Jon's waiting throat.He shoots hot volleys of his sweet boy cum, and he experiences extreme ecstasy as his ass tightens around Jim's cock, causing Jim's cock to explode. He shoots his hot seed girls 15 years naked deep into Evan's ass, as he pounds it with all the force he can muster. He keeps pounding away until he has drained himself dry, and Evan has stop shooting his load. Jon moves up to Evan, giving him a tender kiss, and Evan lies there in a sweet afterglow. 14 year old non-nude But Evan, being the typical horny teenager, grabs Jon by the ass and pulls his cock up to his mouth, while Jim, who is still hard and buried balls deep in Evan's ass, watches as Evan swallows Jon's cock. Jim holds the teen's legs up higher and fucks him again, while Jon fucks the boy's mouth. Holding Evan's head 13 year old naturists in his hands, Jon fucks the teen's face hard and fast, and after several long and heated minutes, his climax is rapidly approaching."I'm cumming...oh fuck I'm gonna shoot," Jon howls and shoots his cum across Evan's tongue and down his throat, while Jim's cock swells and blasts another load of hot man juice deep into the boy's wet pussy.Both men are spent, Jim pulls out and buries his face again in Evan's rosebud to eat his seed that he's deposited, while Jon takes Evan's cock, which is hard and sucks it to climax, swallowing his teen spunk as Jim eats the boy's ass.Exhausted from their sexual escapade, the three of them cuddle and they soon fall asleep, spooning each other tightly.***Jim was awoken by a knock on the door. Throwing on his jeans and having Jon doing the same, they slowly walked out to the living room, where Jim looked out the peep hole of the front door. There stood a tall 16 years nude xxx police officer holding up his credentials for them to see."Can I help you," Jim asked, opening the door, but keeping the chain on."I'm here to pick up Evan Chambers," the officer said. "I was told to have you call your captain for verification," the officer said."Wait there," Jim said and close the door, keeping the officer outside."What's going on," a naked Evan asked, walking out of the bedroom."Get in there and get dressed Evan," Jim ordered. "There's an officer outside to pick you up and I don't need him to see you naked."Evan hurried into the bedroom, and returned moments later dressed. He walked over to the door and peaked out of the peep hole, and shock overtook him."Dad!" he shouted and through the door open, rushing into his father's arms. "I thought that Dan 14 year young pussy had killed you," he said, as his tears ran down his face."I woke up and found you gone and when my cell phone went off, I dropped it. When I reached under the bed to get it, which was when Dan opened the door and shot several shots at naked 15year teens the bed. He got me in the arm, but it was superficial," Marc told his boy. "I have been going crazy with worry, wondering about you and your safety.""I'm ok dad, thanks to Jim and free14 year old porn this guy Hank who saved me big time from Dan," Evan told xxx girls 13 years him still holding his dad tight."I owe you a big thank you Jim and you too Hank," he said thinking that Jon was Hank."He's Jon dad, Hank was this trucker that picked me up when Dan's car ran out of gas," Evan explained."Captain wants you teens 16years porn back at the station Jon," 14years teens porno Jim said."Thanks Jim, it's been a pleasure meeting you Officer Chambers, and I really enjoyed knowing you too Evan." Jon said, shaking both of their hands."Thanks for last night Jon, you really made me feel welcomed," Evan said, giving the man a friendly hug."I suppose that you'll be wanting to leave sir," Jim said."Before we do, can I speak to you for a moment Jim... alone," Evan said, looking at his dad and smiling. "I want to say goodbye privately dad."Evan followed Jim into his bedroom and pushed the door shut, but it bounced open a bit. As soon as they were behind the closed door, Evan rushed into Jim's open arms."Thanks for the great time you gave me," Jim said. "I'm never going to have a fuck like that... ever," Jim whispered, nuzzling Evan's ear."No one has ever fucked me like you did one," Evan said and pressed his mouth to Jim's kissing him heatedly while Jim's hands slid under Evan's jeans waistband and down to his rosebud."You do know that my boy is a minor," Marc said, causing Jim to jump away from Evan."Ah... I...we..." he gave up trying to explain, knowing that he had been caught. "I'm so sorry sir, I didn't mean to do that," Jim said."Of course you meant to do that, just like you meant the sex that you and Jon had with him last night," Marc sex 14 year boys guessed."The sex sir... but I can explain sir," Jim said, seeing prison in his future."Relax Jim, my dad 14 years naked pics is only busting your ass," Evan said looking at his father. "You are, right dad," Evan said and not asked, giving him a look that said much.Marc stood there looking at Jim and Evan, so Evan walked over and kissed his dad like he had just done with Jim. Marc knew that he was outed, so he took his son into his arms and kissed him hard, while his hands motioned to Jim to join them. Marc broke their kiss and moved his lips to Jim's and they kissed long and hard. porno pics 14 years Evan undid his father's pants as well as Jim's jeans. He pulled Jim's jeans down and off before removing his father's pants and boxers. Kneeling between the two kissing men, Evan began sucking cock, first his dad's cock and then Jim.Both men moaned as Evan blew them, until he had them close. Marc backed away, pulled Evan to his feet and with Jim's help, they undressed the teen before leading him to the bed."I gotta say Marc, his ass has pedo 13 year gotta be the best boy pussy that I have ever had," Jim said."Tell me about it Jim. I had all I could do to hold off my climax the night that I fucked him. His ass pulls your cock inward, milking the sperm from your balls.""Seeing how he is your son, go ahead and fuck him Marc," Jim said. "I'll be content with a blowjob and then sucking him off.""Nonsense, you fuck him Jim, I'm gonna have his ass for quite some time to fuck," Marc said."I don't care who fucks me, but will someone just get their cock into my ass," Evan said, looking over his shoulder at the two petite 17 years nude men.Jim rolled Evan unto his back, grabs the lube from the nightstand and lubes up his cock. He applies a large dollop to Evan's pussy teens 14 years porn before putting his cock's head to it."Are you ready sweetie," Jim asked, and Evan grabbed Jim by his ass cheeks, pulling him down, his cock fully sliding into his ass."Oh fuck yeah... now I'm ready Jim," Evan said, enjoying the feeling of being impaled on Jim's cock. "Straddle me dad, and feed me your cock," Evan said to his dad.Marc knelt on either side of his boy, until his cock was dangling just above the boy's mouth. Evan reached up teen 15 year nude and bent his dad's cock down, fully enveloping it with his mouth. Marc rose up and began fucking his son's mouth fast, while Jim shoved a finger into Marc's ass."Hey...oh fuck yeah," he said as soon as Jim found his prostate and began rubbing it.Evan was in heaven again, he had his father back and Jim was fucking him. With Jim rubbing Marc's prostate, it didn't take long for Marc to reach his edge."I'm gonna shoot son," Marc said, blasting his seed down Evan's throat in great volumes.Jim was on the edge, and he too sexy girl 13 years was ready 14year nude to shoot. "Aaaagggggghhh fuck... shooting," he howled, and shoved his engorged cock deep into Evan's ass, stopping and blasting his insides with his seed. Spent, Marc pulled his still hard cock from Evan's mouth and got up to watch Jim fuck Evan. Jim's ass contracted and expanded as he thrust inward and out, filling Evan with his man juice. Spent, he pulled his cock from the teen's ass, and he was about to move down on the boy, but Marc 14 year girl naked moved him aside."My turn Jim," Marc said, sliding his cock into Evan's ass. "Go let my boy get sandra teen early years you hard, and teen 14years old fuck then fuck me while I fuck Evan," Marc said.Jim walked over to the side of the bed; Evan turned and sucked in Jim's cock. After a few moments of fervent sucking, Jim was hard again. He applied some lube to his cock, before applying more to Marc's ass. Marc thrusts his cock fully into Evan, stopped, and waited for Jim to enter his ass.Jim pushed hard against Marc's rosebud, as Marc gave a push out. At first there was great resistance and then it suddenly opened, and Jim slid all the way in."Fuck stop... holy fuck that hurts." Marc screamed. "How the fuck do you take it Evan?" he asked willing his mind to relax.Once relaxed, Marc controls the rhythm, by moving in and out of Evan's ass. Soon he has good pace going that has him fucking Evan fast and Jim fucking his ass fast also."This is fucking hot," Evan said, watching Jim fuck his teens 12-16 years desnudas father while his dad fucks him."Now I know where you get that fine ass Evan, your dad's is just like yours," Jim said."I'm gonna cum son," Marc said, feeling Jim's cock hitting his prostate again.He shoots his man seed into his son, mingling it with the seed that Jim had just deposited. When Marc's ass tightened, Jim's cock exploded, filling Marc with his sperm. As soon as they were both done shooting their sperm, they pulled their spent cocks out. Jim dove quickly into Evan's sperm saturated ass, and began to eat. Marc was turned on by what Jim was doing started sucking Evan's cock."I'm gonna cum daddy," Evan said, moaning in ecstasy as Jim slurped cum from his ass.Evan shot more cum that he ever imagined, filling his father's mouth. Marc struggled to swallow it, gagging a bit, 16-year-old nudes but never losing a drop.The three lay side by side exhausted, struggling to regain normal breathing with Evan 16 year old porno lying between Marc and Jim."I am surely gonna miss you two," Jim said, finally regaining normalcy."You know that there is going to be two openings on our police force buddy." Marc said."Really, now you know that I could be persuaded to move," Jim said."What about Jon, I thought that he was your boyfriend?" Evan asked."Not really, he's been cheating on me with this trooper on third shift name Clift," Jim said. "I wouldn't be surprised if he's there at this very minute.""I'm single Jim... and looking," Marc said. "And I'm as faithful as a Saint Bernard," he added."Hey! What about me dad, don't I matter to you?" Evan asked."Of course you matter to me, you're my life son. But you're young and one day you'll fall in love and be gone," Marc told him. "I wouldn't be surprised if you and Jamie fall in love and end up a couple.""Nah, he's good in bed but I want a man's man to settle down with dad. You know, someone like you or Jim," he thought for a moment, "I know the perfect man for me...Hank," Evan said. "Besides dad, Jamie and his dad are doing it also, he told me yesterday when I called him." He said, surprising Marc."Really, James and Jamie, fucking," Marc said."Yeah dad, it seems that they fantasized about it like we did for years," Evan said. "So I doubt he'd be interested in me other than a fuck buddy dad. Besides, I love Hank but I doubt that he could ever love me," Evan said disappointedly."Oh I wouldn't say that Evan, I saw how he protected you. He was even ready to give up his life for you." Jim said."I have got to meet this man, I owe him for saving my son," Marc said. "Speaking of saving Evan, I heard that Dan is still on the run.""Our captain has a state wide APB out on him and the cruiser that belonged to Mitchell." Jim informed them. "I also was told that I am to escort you and Evan back to South Burlington when you are ready to leave Marc.""I'd like to leave as soon as possible, and plan on staying over night," he said. "I have a few loose ends to tie up with your captain later, and then I'll be ready to leave.""Well let's grab a shower and we can all head out and grab something to eat before we head over to headquarters." Jim said. "Unfortunately, my shower is only big enough for two," he said."Then you and Evan take it, have fun and I'll stand guard," Marc said, raising his eyebrows up and down rapidly."God I love you dad," Evan said, hugging his dad and giving him a passionate kiss."I love you more son, so much more. Now get going and have fun." Marc said and Evan took Jim's hand, leading him off to the shower."One 13 years teen naked moment," Jim said and he grabbed his revolver, "I never go anywhere without Lucy," he said and retook Evan's hand, walking off to the bathroom.***"George, Marc, is there any word about Dan yet?" Marc asked, calling his captain once the two men went off to the shower."Not yet Marc, but Mitchell's abandoned cruiser was found at a rest area on Interstate 87," George said. "It 10-14 year arts galleries was the first rest area just before the exit that would take you to the ferry to Vermont," he added."I was not planning on taking the ferry back, at least not the Grand Isle Ferry. I am driving down and catching the one that 13 year girls peeing will take us directly over to Burlington," 12 years old xxx he said."Smart thinking Marc, but be careful anyways, you know how cunning that bastard can be," George said. "Did the state police give you any back up home?" George asked."I have a state trooper and he's even considering 15 years fuck porno applying for one of the opening left open by Dan and Mitchell. He's great officer George, and he'd make a fine addition to our force," Marc said."Well have him come and see me teens 13 years sex Marc, I'd more 13 years girls naked than welcome a state trooper on the force. Also Marc, have him bring along his resume, that way I can get the ball rolling if he's serious about joining our force," George said.They spoke for a few more moments and then hung up. Marc drifted into the bedroom and listening to porn year photo Evan's moaning, Marc could tell that Jim fourteen year old fisting was fucking him again in the shower and he smiled."I should be angry, but damn my son is a good fuck, even if I must say so myself," Marc said, smiling to himself.He stretched out on the bed, and dialed James, to update him about Dan and Evan."My God Marc, I thought that you were dead," James said, shocked to hear his voice."You should have seen Evan's face when he opened the door this morning, pure shock.""I can imagine buddy, so tell me, nude 15 year olds whatever dad fuck teen 12year happened to Dan?" James asked."He's still out there somewhere. His partner sprang him from the hospital, killing a New York state police officer in the process, and managed to get himself killed when he tried to come after my son. I guess Dan got away in his car and is somewhere out there and just waiting for Evan to resurface somewhere.""So what no buddy, you staying there or what?" he asked."I'm taking my boy home and getting one with our lives James. I am not letting Dan dictate our future but moving on with our lives. He'll slip up and get 12 years porno himself caught eventually."The phone went quiet for a moment before Marc decided to breach the taboo subject that he and Evan had spoke about privately."James, Evan tells me that you and Jamie have had sex together," Marc said, there was a gasp as shock hit James when Marc told him that 15 year cute teen he knew. "It's ok buddy, Evan and I have also," Marc said, reassuring the man that he was not in trouble."Really Marc, because pedofilia 14 years it just happened once, I mean Jamie and I have always fantasized about what it would be like to make love together. It was absolutely great and Jamie's ass was just meant for my cock," James said."I know what girls 16 years xxx you mean man; Evan's ass was meant for mine also. It seems that our boys have been fuck buddies for some time also, so it was just a matter of time before we bedded them huh?""You got that right, and I watched Jamie for the longest time when he jerked off and called out for me to fuck him. So last night when he woke up screaming from a nightmare and asked me to stay with him, it just happened."James and Marc shared all the horny details of their first time with their sons, and by 16years porno the time that they were done, they were both hard. "We have got to swap sons and fuck them buddy," Marc said with James agreeing, and by then Evan and Jim were just exiting the bathroom. "I've got to sexy girls 17years go and grab a shower buddy, give my best to Jamie," he said and closed girls 14 years porno his cell phone."Was that Jamie's dad that you were talking to dad?""Yeah and he says hello," Marc said, getting up and giving his boy a kiss, making sure that he gave the same to Jim. "My turn in the shower," he said, grabbing Evan by the cock and pulling him with teenager 15 year him into the bathroom."It's well lubed Marc," Jim said just before Marc closed the door.***Dan drove along the bridge that lead from New York to Vermont in the rental car that he had rented, secure in the thought that he had given the state police the slip. His wound had opened and he had stopped at a CVS to buy bandages and tape to bind the wound, and now he was heading back to South Burlington."They will never think of looking for me right under their own noses," he chuckled, taking a drink of the coffee 14 year old russian that he had bought. "First off, I'll take care of that Jamie boy and his parents, and then I'll take care of you Chambers."He drives along casually, careful not to draw attention for speeding, and when he gets to Winooski, Vermont, he pulls into the Super Eight motel."How long 14years girls porn do you plan on staying with us Mr. Campbell," the clerk asked."I'm not sure ma'am, but it'll be at least a week," he told her. "I'm here on pressing business hot 15 years teenie and I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish it.""That'll be no problem sir, enjoy your stay," she said handing him his key card. "That'll be room 115.""Thank you ma'am," he said and left her, heading out to his car.He opens the trunk and pulls out a long case, 14years young girl sex closed the trunk and then head into his room. He places the case on the bed and opens it, inside is a high powered rifle."No more fooling around Chambers, I'll just pick you off from afar," he chuckled lifting the firearm, and looking through the scope.***The ferry boat ride across Lake Champlain was quiet. Marc, Evan and Jim stood along the railing and gazed across the water, watching the Burlington skyline in the distant coming closer."I love how the city looks from the lake dad," Evan said, watching the boat as it began its approach to the dock."We'd better get back to our cars," Jim said, walking back with Marc and Evan.Marc and Evan got into Marc's Escalade and Jim got into his cruiser. It took them about thirty minutes to get home, once they left the boat. As they approached the house, Evan got excited, because he saw a familiar rig parked in front of his house."Hank!" he yelled, unable to contain his excitement, and once Marc's SUV stopped, he bolted from the vehicle.Hank was just getting out of the rig and walking down the driveway, and Evan was running as fast as he could towards 13 year sex pics the handsome young trucker."Evan my buddy," Hank said, catching the boy in mid air as he leaped into the man's arms. "How have you been," he asked."Much better now that you're here Hank," Evan said pulling the man into the covering of the garage, and kissing him passionately."Evan... there is a state police officer out there," Hank whispered."That's just Jim and my dad," Evan said."Your dad!" he shouted. "I thought you said he was dead?""That's what I thought too, but Dan missed him and he's alright. Come on sweetie, I want you to meet him," Evan said, dragging the trucker out to meet his dad."So you are the man that saved my son's life," Marc said, offering his hand to Hank. "I've heard nothing but praise about you Hank, I'm Marc and of course you know Jim here," Marc said."Ah...yes sir...and it's a pleasure to meet you too sir." Hank stammered. "Nice to see you again officer," Hank said, feeling very uncomfortable."Relax man, Evan told us how much 14years girl fat pussy he's in love with you, now my only question is what is your intentions for my son?""He did... huh... well I love preeteen 14 year xxx him also sir," Hank said, wrapping his arm around the boy's shoulder. "Listen sir, I know that Evan is just sixteen, and that you and he are lovers also," Hank began. "But I have fallen in love with the boy, and I'd like to be his boyfriend if he'll have me, that is if its alright with you sir.""First off, drop the sir, you can call me Marc," he said. "Secondly, we are not lovers, we did it just a couple of times, well three to be exact. I'm in love with another man, and if he'll have me, I want him to come live with me," he said turning to look at Jim."You're in love with me Marc... really?" Jim asked, floored by the sudden revelation."Yes Jim, it was love at first sight for me, but if you need more time to get your feelings together for me, I will completely understand.""No! Oh God no, I fell fucked at 12 years for you the moment that I saw you also. I would be honored to be your boyfriend, but only as long as there is a future for a long term commitment Marc, because I don't want another fuck buddy," he said walking into Marc's arms."You got it stud muffin," Marc said, giving his lover a kiss."Hello, I am still here if anyone cares," Evan said looking around."I care baby boy...come here you handsome young stud," Hank said and Evan ran into Hank's open arms. "God I love you so fucking much Evan," Hank said, and then kissed free 16 years porn him hard and long, their tongues dancing to the beat of their hearts.BAM! Rings out a rifle shot, and it just missed Evan's head, hitting the side of the garage.They hit the floor of the garage, Marc and Jim draw their service revolvers, and they look for the direction that the shot had come from. Knowing the area, Marc looked across the street towards the woods, and he saw the red in the shirt of a man near a tree. It was Dan, Marc slid his cell across the floor to Evan, and told him to call the station and tell George what was going on.BAM...BAM, another two shots rang out, both of them missing our men. Jim took aim at where Marc told him to look, but his shot missed Dan as he ducked behind the tree."Keep him behind the tree," Marc said, and got up, quickly running across the street towards a neighbor's house.He ran around the house as Jim fired off two more shots, but Dan got off two more shots himself. He never saw Marc run across the street, so he was surprised when Marc got the drop on him from behind."Drop it Dan," Marc said, Dan turned."Never asshole," he yelled and aimed the gun directly at Marc, but Marc fired first, hitting Dan between the eyes.Dan fell to the ground dead; his rifle hit the ground beside him. Marc motioned to Jim and the others that he was alright. They came running just as the sound of sirens broke the afternoon silence once the shooting had stopped."Are you alright Marc," Jim asked, arriving first on the scene, followed by Evan who was being shielded by Hank."I'm fine guys, but that's more than I can say for Dan, he's dead...and this time for sure," he said, the guys looked at the blood oozing from his wound 16 years teen fuck and Evan turned his face, burying his face in Hank's chest."Hank, take Evan in the house," Marc said and Hank walked Evan back to the house.***EpilogueThat night with all of the inquiry finished about Dan, Marc and Jim were together in Marc's bedroom, and Evan had Hank in his room."I'm glad hot 13 years pictures that your dad is cool about you and I traveling this summer together in my rig baby boy," Hank said, as he held his naked lover close to him."Of course he's cool 14 year old teenysex about it, it's going to give him and Jim time to get to know one another without my ass around to fuck," Evan mused. "Besides sweetie, you are the only man that I want fucking me now," Evan said, pulling his lover on top of him."I love you, my darling," Hank whispered to Evan and he kissed him hard on the lips, theirs lips part as their tongues meet and dance to their love, and they moan in the pleasure they feel."I did not think we would ever have this moment again Hank," 13 year sluts Evan says to Hank.Hank rolled him over; he got on top, as he slowly and passionately kissed him. Evan's fingers roamed through Hank's hair, as their tongues did their dance of love. He slowly kissed his way down to Evan's soft round nipples; he took them and tenderly bit them, sucking on them and tenderly making him moan, as Evan's hands caressed Hank's hair. He moved on down to Evan's 40year old naked ladies hard cock, and he took it in his hand. He ran his tongue around the fat head, before he swallowed it down his throat, taking it all the way down until he smelled his sweet boy scent. Evan lifted his hips to give Hank more of his cock, as he moaned out in ecstasy. Hank continued to move up and down on his cock, until he was almost ready to cum."Not yet sweetie," Evan said, "I don't want to come yet," so Hank 15 year old teenporn pulled off girls 15 years xxx his cock.He lifted Evan's legs and he ran his tongue, all around his sweet teen treasure. Evan squirmed and moaned as Hank pleasured him more, then he plunged his tongue fuck 13 years sexy deep into his 15 year old teens pussy."Oh fuck babe, don't stop," Evan cried out in lust, as Hank pleasured his ass with his tongue. "Please fuck me my love, I can't take anymore, I need you deep inside me."Hank sits up and gets the lube that he bought, and he lubes up Evan's rosebud. He positions himself to the 13 year porn pics tender spot, and he gently but firmly pushes in."Fuck that feels good Hank," Evan howls out from the ecstasy that he feels and Hank stops for a minute, letting Evan enjoy the fullness of his cock in him.Once Evan nods to go, he slowly pulls out and then pushes back in, and Evan's eyes glow from his pleasure. He finds a rhythm and they are fucking together, Evan meeting each push that Hank gives, the two moving as one. Thirty minutes or so later, he can feel Evan's cock swell so he increases his pace, and Evan cries out in delight."I'm cumming my lover, keep fucking me harder and deeper," he says to Hank.He shoots his cream all over his stomach and Hank drops down to kiss him. As Evan shoots his seed, his ass tightens around the base of Hank's cock, pushing him over the edge."Aaaagggggghhh fuck baby boy... cumming," Hank howls nudist 12 years illegal and he soon shoots deep into Evan's tight ass, his seed of love.He keeps pounding away at Evan's ass, until he has given all he has to give. They entangle themselves as their lips meet in bliss, and their tongues dance a dance of love, the two ride out the sexual bliss."I love you lover, my man, my life," Evan says."You are my world and my love; to you I give my heart, forever my love, my sweetheart." They just lie there holding each other as if time has stood still for these two lovers.***Epilogue:With Hank gone now, virgin teens 12 years out on the road and Jim back to New York to pack up his apartment, Evan threw on his robe and went out into the kitchen. He couldn't sleep because he was thirsty and needed a drink so he had just swallowed down a can of Coke, when his father porn 18 years old came up behind him, naked."Evan I was just coming to find you 17 years girls porn son," Marc says taking Evan in his arms. "The bed is cold without your body to warm me," he says as their lips meet in a kiss that is forbidden.Evan parts his lips as Marc's tongue seeks his out, and they dance together in love. Marc moans out in pleasure as he holds him tight, Evan's heart is pounding, as Marc kisses him hard."I love you my son, and even though Jim and preeten 14 year I are going to be a couple, just as you and Hank are going to be, you shall always be my best man," Marc whispers into Evan's ear, and Evan has all he can do not to cry. "Evan you have made me the happiest man on earth having you for a son, my life with you is so complete," he says and they kiss again, as Marc removes Evan's robe, letting it fall to the floor."I love you so much daddy, and I wouldn't trade you and your love for all the love that is in the world," he says.Marc leads Evan to the bed and gently lays him down crawling on top of him, and their lips meet in passion as Evan surrenders to his dad's passion. Marc breaks their kiss and he kisses his way down Evan's body, as he moves in on Evan's hard nipples. He softly nibbles on each of the nubs, as Evan arches his back in delight. He moans out in pleasure as his dad sucks his nipples and he feels that what they are doing is not wrong. Evan runs his fingers through his dad's hair, as his dad caresses each nub, sending electrical currents coursing through his teen body."Love me daddy, my handsome stud muffin," Evan says to his dad, calling him by the name female yearly exam preparation that Ryan had used when they made love.Marc kisses his way down to Evan's cock and he takes it into his warm mouth. 14 yearsold porno movie Evan lets out a sigh as he feels the warmth and the wetness of his dad's mouth. Slowly Marc swallows Evan's cock, savoring its taste, until his nose is seventeen years old porno buried in his bush. He moves up and down lovingly, slowly on his hard cock, and he soon has Evan close to the edge."Daddy teen years girls foto slow down, you have me so close," he says knowing he will not last much longer at this pace.Marc pulls off his son's cock and he sucks on his balls, taking them one at a time into his mouth, gently rolling them around his mouth, and making love to them with his tongue. He lets them go, as he lifts up Evan's legs holding them by the thighs and he runs his tongue around Evan's rosebud, and Evan lifts up his hips in pleasure, as Marc's tongue gives his body the ultimate pleasure."Oh fuck daddy... that feeling you give to me," he says as he grabs the sheets with each hand and Marc plunges his tongue in, and he makes Evan moan, as he fucks his ass with his tongue."Fuck me daddy, I need your cock deep in me," Evan cries out in ecstasy.Marc sits up and reaches for the virgin 14 years sex lube, lubes Evan's ass and his own cock before he positions himself to the teen's pussy.He leans in for a kiss, whispering, "Are you ready Evan, are you ready for your stud muffin?""Yeah daddy, fuck you baby boy," Evan says.Marc tenderly kisses him as he slowly pushes in, and Evan pushes out. He shudders from the pain that his dad's huge cock gives him, but he lies there and says not a word. Their tongues are still dancing as Marc finds his rhythm, and he fucks his son with all his heart."I love you Evan," he whispers in Evan's ear as he slowly keeps fucking his son.Evan is holding his dad tightly in his arms as the tears flow from his eyes. He knows that his dad is in love with him as much as he is with him. Even though they have committed their love to others, they will always be in love like this to each other. He tenderly caresses his dad's hair, as Marc lovingly fucks his ass. He feels his climax building within, and he searches for Marc's tender lips. They join in a kiss that is tender and warm, as he shoots his hot seed between them."Oh fuck Evan my love, you made me cum," Marc says and shoots his seed in his son's ass, methodically fucking his ass, as he shoots his hot seed deep into him. "Fuck Evan your ass teen 16years fuck is so hot tonight babe," he says as he pounds away, his rhythm controlling his body.Evan can feel each shot that he gets, as his dad fills his ass with his love. He slowly starts to come to a stop, as he drops to Evan's lips for a kiss. They meet as lovers for taboo porn year 70 a kiss that is as eternal as time, as Marc kisses his man as he if for loves first time. sex 13years jpg They ride out the afterglow of their lovemaking wrapped in each other's arms. Marc turns Evan porno year around as he spoons him tightly against him."Goodnight my sweet love, and sweet dreams," Marc whispers softly in Evan's ear. "I love you my dear sweet Evan, and I will see you in the morning," he says and pulls Evan close, kissing his neck."Goodnight daddy, my stud muffin," Evan says and silently crying. He holds his dad's hand as his arm pedo porno 16 years is draped over him, and he snuggles in close to his dad, as his tears freely flow from his eyes, and soon, they are fast asleep, held in loves tender grip.The EndWe guys, that's it, tell me what you think at Randy.
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